Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen
Spy Hidden Cam Pen

Spy Hidden Cam Pen

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The X6 Travel Edition detector uses the latest technology from the United States and features a high-sensitivity 3D omni-directional sensor chip. The response of the device is greatly improved, and the alarm function combined with sound and light is more accurate and efficient. In addition to the one-button alarm prompt function, the product also adds LED infrared physical laser scanning technology, which can effectively kill the pinhole camera, wire and wireless and other stealth products to invade personal privacy. Increase the mosquito repellent function, say goodbye to interference, protect your sleep, and give you a wonderful space.

Main Feature:

1. Portable Mini Multifunctional Travel Detector

2. Infrared laser scanning:

This function is mainly for pinhole camera, wired or wireless sneak shot products, press the switch when using, the work indicator lights up, and the LED lamp bead on the back enters the synchronous flashing state.

 3. Anti-theft Alarm Vibration function

4. Mosquito repellent drive

5. LED Flashlight

6. Lanyard

7.Charging indicator

8.USB charging port


Size: 88*51*21mm

Net weight: 35g

Material: PC ABS

Battery capacity: 400mA

Current: 30mA

Continuous Work: 10-12 hours

Charging Time: 1-2 hours


Package include:

1 x X6 Travel Detector

1 x USB Cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x English User Manual