Shipping policy

Anonymous shipping and without any reference to us or to the content !!

Privacy is essential to us, so all orders are shipped in discreet packaging, with no mention of the contents of the package. 

It is therefore impossible for anyone (even the same courier) to know what you are receiving. We also use high quality packaging, so that the products arrive in perfect condition and quickly. 

The external packaging is 100% anonymous, without any logo or reference to AngelyDiablo or the contents of the package. 

No courier is aware of the origin or content. 

In the recipient entry there is no reference to us or to the online purchase.

100% Privacy!

You can buy on our store safely and organize your transgressive moments. 

You will find a selection of really special and uncommon items. 

  • Some with fast delivery (<16 business days from the order date). 
  • Some with standard delivery (<30 business days from the order date). 

In the sheet of our articles you will find well indicated which type of delivery is foreseen for the chosen article. In the case of items purchased simultaneously and with different delivery rules, the delivery to be taken as a reference is the longest one.

If the product is not available in the nearest warehouse, it will be shipped directly from the manufacturer; in this case, delivery times may be longer, but no more than 30 calendar days for "PREMIUM" shipments and no more than 60 calendar days for "STANDARD" shipments. We kindly ask customers to notify us promptly in case of delays. However, for each item ordered, the customer will receive, by e-mail, the unique tracking code for its shipment, which will allow you to follow it in real time.